Sunday, November 4, 2007

Tap update, November 4

We've finally gotten the Stoudt's Pils on tap, which is pretty much my favorite pilsner in existence. We also have an entirely new cask selection, with the Chelsea Standard and the Sixpoint Righteous Rye. Finally, the Sixpoint Bengali Tiger makes its debut here, which was long overdue. It's probably my favorite beer of all time (though the Hoptimus Prime has been making a run for it recently).

Beers on Tap

Ace Perry Cider (Graton, CA; $6/16 oz). 5.0% ABV.
Anchor Old Foghorn Barleywine Ale (San Francisco, CA; $5/12 oz). 8.8%ABV.
Captain Lawrence Liquid Gold (Pleasantville, NY; $5/16oz). 6.0% ABV.
Chelsea Henry Hudson IPA (New York, NY; $4/16oz). 6.6% ABV.
Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA (Milton, DE; $6/12 oz). 9.0% ABV.
He'Brew Monumental Jewbelation (Saratoga Springs, NY; $6/12 oz). 10.0% ABV.
Legacy Hedonism Ale (Reading, PA; $5/16 oz). 7.1% ABV.
Pacific Rim Vashon Old Stock Ale (Seattle, WA; $6/16 oz). 7.5% ABV.
Rogue Mocha Porter (Newport, OR; $5/16 oz). 5.3% ABV.
Sierra Nevada Harvest Ale (Chico, CA; $5/16oz). 6.2% AVB.
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (Chico, CA; $5/16 oz). 6.8% ABV.
Sixpoint Bengali Tiger IPA (Brooklyn, NY; $5/ 16oz). 6.7% ABV.
Sixpoint Sweet Action (Brooklyn, NY; $5/16 oz). 5.2% ABV.
Southampton Double White (Southampton, NY; $6/16 oz). 6.8% ABV.
Stoudt’s Pils (Adamstown, PA; $5/16 oz). 5.4% ABV.
Victory Donnybrook (Downingtown, PA; $5/16 oz). 3.7% ABV.

Beers on Cask

Chelsea Standard Ale (New York, NY; $6/16 oz). 5.1% ABV.
Sixpoint Righteous Ale (Brooklyn, NY; $6/16 oz). 6.5% ABV.

Coming Up

Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine, Rogue Dead Guy Ale, North Coast Scrimshaw Pilsner, Sixpoint Brownstone, Sixpoint Belgian Rye, Sixpoint Atlantic Amber, Sixpoint Apollo Wheat, Weyerbacher Hops Infusion IPA, Bear Republic Red Rocket, Mendocino Eye of the Hawk, Stone Smoked Porter, North Coast Old Stock Ale, Red Hook Long Hammer IPA

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