Friday, March 2, 2007

Some more recent pictures

The front room of our bar. You can see one of the big gaps in the brick--we think we'll install some shelving and wood panelling in that one (ideas welcome). You can also see the couch and loveseat we got from Westchester County last weekend, and the coffee table I carried from Avenue D. New HVAC and light points are also visible.

This is where the back staircase used to be. We jigsawed off the top, and amazingly were able to lift the darn cast-iron thing out of the hole and get it out the front door. Then we stuck several 2x4s in the hole and closed it up with plywood. In the future, we're looking to add trap door capability to this piece of floor.

We patched one egregiously rotted piece of floor. Once this gets painted the blackest of black glossy hues, you'll never be able to tell what we did.

We (well, Jon's dad) framed a bathroom! Doesn't it look glorious and handicapped-accessible?

We added some steps to the risers from the front room to the back room. (What's all that white stuff, you ask? Drywall is a messy, messy thing.)

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