Sunday, March 11, 2007

Back on the blogosphere

I left my computer at a friend's apartment, so my life became unbloggable for a few days. I felt incomplete, like unsealed brick. Which brings me to an update:

--Brian R. and I sealed the brick wall in the back. It looks a good deal better. We're planning on covering a lot of it with bookcases and benches and flags and such anyway. Brian R. was the guest star of the week, though my buddy Josh helped a bunch too.
--Mudding Phase II, 10-Inch Mudding Bonanza, is complete. Jon Stan rocked the large putty knife as I filled smaller holes with the medium knife. I finished my part and switched to using wood putty on our molding as Jon still toiled. It looks good now, good enough to prime and paint in most places (the wood good enough to sand and stain).
--The Lucite that haunted our dreams is utterly broken and secreted to the basement.
--Phone and Internet! Our land line is 718-858-1951. Isn't that a memorable number? Feel free to use it.

1 comment:

Ashley said...

So, will pacific standard support KU basketball?

this is a sticking point for me. ;)