Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Things happening slow again--for now.

Well, the space is clear and ready to renovate (Kevin: "So bored! When you ready to start?"), but we're waiting for contractors and architects to meet and permiticize and start the actual renovation work. In the meantime, we've purchased a projector for showing athletic events (and maybe movies?) at the bar and are "testing" it in our apartment. The picture is lovely and large, and should be great for you West Coast sports fans. The robot is moving along very well--he now has his spout on his head, rather than his belly, for logistic reasons. Any objections?

While waiting, we've continued our menu-building, as well as our quest for exciting merchandise to sell at the bar. These are a few areas where you, the wind beneath our wings, can help. To wit:

--Do you know of any dried/cured West Coast meats that we could carry at the bar? We're thinking dry salames and the like, but aren't sure about specific brands.
--Nice West Coast cheeses?
--Nice West Coast breads that we can get in New York without turning them stale? Sourdoughs?
--West Coast chips? Salsas?
--As for merchandise, do you know of any good companies who make pretty pint glasses, coasters, matches, or business cards?

Your help is much appreciated. Onward!

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