Thursday, January 4, 2007

Things happening fast

I went by the space today--as those of you who have been by there recently can probably attest, it's a LOT emptier. Kevin has gotten rid of almost all of his stuff, except the few oddities he's saving for us. I grabbed some classical music records today as part of our final haul.

By next Monday the space should basically be clear. Tomorrow we're walking through with our contractor. I imagine by the time he's ready to start we will be too. So it looks like we're (knock on wood) on schedule so far.

Other news:

--Hey, the front gate now opens all the way! One less project!
--We have keys, finally, so we can go by the place any time. Hurrah, flexibility.

1 comment:

Mason said...

John, looks good. One day I will move to Brooklyn to quaff a few ales with your steam-powered drinking man device. -Mason Stockstill, fop