Sunday, April 3, 2016

Pub Quiz Season XX Playoffs Begin Sunday, April 3rd!

The round of twelve will take place on April 3rd at 8:00 pm. The six remaining teams will face off on April 10th, and the three-team final will be held on April 17th. Here are the matchups:

(1) A Saison in Hell vs (12) Fullstack

(2) The Toilet Boys vs (11) Big Dogs! Go Big or Go Home!

(3) Darth Bader Ginsburg vs (10) Malia Obama's Peer-Reviewed Paper

(4) Areola Bagels vs (9) Netflix and Krill, Like Whales Do

(5) Angela Merkel's Boner vs (8) What We Talk About When We Talk About Hitler

(6) Quizzie McGuire vs (7) Cleveland Steamed Clams

As always, if your team didn't make the playoffs, you should still come, because you can still compete for the usual Pub Quiz prizes. Also, there's always at least one team that doesn't show up, in which case we will sub in teams that did show up, based on the final Season XX standings.

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