Thursday, October 23, 2014

The First Ever Pacific Standard Cozy Design Contest!

You may be familiar with our traditional blue and gold Pacific Standard cozies. They were a glorious bunch, but after seven years we're finally and tragically run out of them. So we thought for the next inevitable batch of cozies we would open the designing up to you, our faithful bar patrons.

The rules are simple:

--We need a one-color design only. You can specify a background color and a print color, but that's it. (As in, "I want the cozy itself to be blue, but the print on it to be yellow.")
--We'll need the image in a common format, and as high-resolution as possible without being completely silly. We'll let you know if the image you send doesn't work.

The winners of the design contest will receive:

--Grand Prize: 10 cozies of your own design, a $20 gift certificate to Pacific Standard, and a small collection of special bottled beer from the bar vaults to go in your new cozies.
--Second Prizes (as many as are merited): two of the winning cozies, a $10 gift certificate to Pacific Standard, and other prizes (pint glasses, beer, etc.) from our vaults.

The deadline: November 30, 2014.

So start designing, and e-mail us with any questions at pacificstandardbrooklyn --at--

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