Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Come see a pilot screening on Sunday!

From the excellent individuals who have created, a new web series, the pilot episode of which was filmed at our bar, and will be advance-screened at our bar on Sunday at 2 pm:

We're kicking off our Kickstarter campaign with an advance screening of our pilot!

Please come join some of the cast and crew for the PILOT SCREENING of -- an original scripted web series about the daunting, humorous, and awkward world of online dating. We'll be screening at Pacific Standard -- the bar location featured in the series. Very meta.

There will be light snacks and plenty of beer to purchase (good selection, lots of IPAs), which if you've ever been on an online date, is plenty useful!

The pilot episode is 6 minutes of raw talent featuring: LAURA GREY, BRIAN CICHOCKI, CLEM McINTOSH, and JADE LANE.

Shot by the masterful ERIC PHILLIPS-HORST of Meerkat Media Collective; edited by the spectacular MICHELLE BOTTICELLI; co-produced by the talented STEVEN PHILLIPS-HORST; and written, directed and produced by JULIA PRICE BARON.

Please come support our hard work with some afternoon drinks and help us spread the word to raise the funds we need in order to complete the remaining 7 episodes of the season. We'll be launching our Kickstarter campaign that evening so the more noise we can make, the better!

Hope to see you and yours there.

Julia and Team

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