Tuesday, October 9, 2012

More info on the Incredible Mild

debuting tomorrow! This is straight from the Sixpoint horse's mouth:

"This beer was made using a brewing process known as parti-gyle brewing. On Sept 14th, Sixpoint brewed a barleywine using only the richest of the wort to create The Old Redhooker Barleywine Ale. Once they collected what they needed for the barleywine, they then collected the remaining sugar from the grain to create a second unique beer that we are happy to introduce to you as The Incredible Mild Ale. This is a low alcohol session-able beer with a 'no-waste' brewing approach. The color is amber. The aroma is hop forward with a blend of Goldings and Fuggle in the nose. It's a dry beer with a crisp finish. The flavor is balanced between the low bitterness & maltiness with subtle toffee and nutty notes."

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