Thursday, August 16, 2012

Holodeck Improv Comedy August 21 at 8 pm.

A monthly show where all the comedy is made up on the premises. See some of the city's best indie improv teams perform their stuff. Hosted by the improv group Local Hero with this month's special guests Cindy & Linda, Rain and Food.

Step into the Holodeck where all your fantasies come true. Just be sure to knock if Commander Ryker's in there.

Local Hero are:
Peter Cestaro
Alessandra Migliaccio
Michael Romanos
Bardia Salimi

Rain are:
Andy Bustillos
Betsy Kenney
Hao Lian
Ian Stroud
Brian Urreta

Food are:
Jessie Jolles
Trevor Lyon

Cindy & Linda are:
Jaclyn Backhaus
Emma Barash
Isabelle Barbier
Mason Hu
Lane Kwederis
Eli Mason
Chris Nester
Michael Resnick

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