Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Holodeck improv comedy March 27 at 8 pm.

A monthly show where all comedy is made up on the premises. See some of the city's best indie improv teams perform their stuff. Hosted by the improv group Local Hero with special guests The Mannequin Room and Bear in a Hammock.

Step into the Holodeck where all your fantasies come true. Just be sure to knock if Commander Ryker's in there.

Local Hero are:
Peter Cestaro
Alessandra Migliaccio
Michael Romanos
Bardia Salimi

The Mannequin Room are:
Lou Gonzalez
Chrissie Gruebel
Caroline Sweet
Brian Urreta
Megan Venzin

Bear in a Hammock are:
Adam Sachs
Mike Sapp
Betsy Hoffman
Phil Weintraub
Sean Hart

*This show is part of Mannequin Room's "No AIDS, NO!" World Tour which is a comedy fundraising effort to benefit AIDS Walk New York. From now until May 20th, they'll donate $25 for each improv show they do. If you'd like to give a donation at this show that would be nice. Thanks!


gingerbread stalker said...

sounds good! :)
i'm a big fan of your blog so if you could follow me or even leave a comment i'd be forever grateful! <3

jeremy said...

How exciting. Im gonna invite my friends over.

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