Thursday, October 6, 2011

New York Beer Passports on sale!

Craft Beer Week is over, but we still have some leftover Passports that we're now selling at a big discount. Why do I need a Passport when the week is over, you ask? You silly bird. The Passport entitles you to year-round specials (as in, until September 2012) at a zillion NYC bars. At the very least, it gets you $2 off a draft beer (and often even better deals, like 2 for 1, etc.) at all those zillion places. And we are selling the Passports for only $5. In other words, if you just go to three different bars in the next year and take advantage of the special, it's already worth it. The more you go to, the better deal it becomes. So stop by and ask your bartender for a Passport!

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