Thursday, March 31, 2011

Baseball season is on!

We have the MLB package as usual, and will be showing all the games we can on our two big projection screens, first-come first-served. We'll also be doing another A's fan special: come in to the bar wearing a piece of A's apparel during an A's game, and you get $2 off Sierra Nevada pints (it will usually be the Pale Ale, but we might occasionally switch it up). A's games are a priority for us, but we're open to showing anything, depending on the folks who come by. Let us all thank whatever deity we worship that we can stop watching NBA games.


B2Pi said...

Can I bring my 14 year old? My 9 year old? A's fans since birth (and I can prove it with pictures)

J-C. G. Rauschenberg said...

Before 8 pm, it's okay to bring underage people in, but we'd advise not to do so afterwards due to the general bar-like behavior. Hope to see you!

About the dumb blog said...

A's game on a big screen and $2 off beer? 100% in.