Saturday, February 19, 2011

Standard Issues storytelling February 22 at 8 pm.

Standard Issues presents Birthdays! Tales of realizing your mortality is creeping up to take you in the night. Or lovely surprise parties.

We have an all star cast for this live recording of the PODCAST! And they are:

Lara Blackwood Avery (the furthest from death)

Margot Leitman (born yesterday)

Michelle Carlo (they even have birthdays in the Bronx)

Ophira Eisenberg (but not in Canada. Its a poor nation)

Jeff Simmermon (test tube baby, so more vacuum pressed than born)

Steve Zimmer (parents still deny it ever happened)

& your host, Brad Lawrence (always wearing his birthday suit)

This show is free and you will be able to hear your own peals of laughter on the interwebs.

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