Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Speakeasy-E Night with Rare Beers, Specials, Giveaways, and Old-School Rap!

As West Coasters and beer lovers, we are obsessed with Speakeasy, a great brewery from San Francisco whose beers you may well have sampled in your time here. We decided it was long overdue for us to have a Speakeasy event, and what better way to do it than by hosting a "Speakeasy-E" night featuring 90s West Coast rap and several rare and interesting Speakeasy beers on tap?

To wit: on Wednesday, January 26, starting at 7 pm, the folks from Speakeasy will be here with lots of old-school hip hop to play, as well as merchandise to give away. For our part, we'll do some nice specials on the five Speakeasy beers we'll feature. Speaking of that, here is the tentative lineup:

--Payback Porter, an American porter with dark imported malts balanced by American hops.
--White Lighting, an American wheat beer.
--The Don, a super-rare 10% ABV West Coast triple IPA. Enough said.
--Tallulah Blonde, a hard-to-find Belgian-ish session ale.
--Big Daddy, a hoppy West Coast IPA, and in cask form to boot for this event.

We hope for your sake that you're all here for this. We know Eric Wright would be.

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