Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mimsy on Tuesday the 15th at 8 pm.

Mimsy presents its Arts show, dedicated to all things that could be misconstrued as bad life choices, horrible college majors, pretentious notions of the human condition while looking at paint or listening to music, and of course, inanimate objects that potentially move you.

Nah, but really, we like the Arts.


JOSEPH STANTON, muse of tragedy;

BEN LILLIE, muse of astronomy;

HEATHER FIFE, muse of history;

DOUG BALDINGER, muse of music;

ANDREW LINDERMAN, muse of lyric poetry;

GABRIELLE STERN, muse of dance;

KERRY O'BRIEN, muse of comedy;

MOLLY CAMERON, muse of choral poetry;

hosted by MIGUEL DE LEON, muse of epic poetry.

Mimsy is generously hosted for free at Pacific Standard, located at 82 4th Avenue in Brooklyn.

The event is free, bring your friends, invite everyone!