Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New A's specials.

As we've said, we'll be showing all the A's games in 2010, plus any other baseball games you come in and ask for, the fact that we have only two screens (but glorious and large screens) permitting. Opening Day for the A's will be April 5. Come in, mention that you're here to watch the A's game--it's at 10 pm--and get happy hour ($1 off all drinks) all night. You can also take advantage of our newly introduced special: $3 Sierra Nevada pints during the first A's game, and any Wednesday games to follow. To wit:

--For all Wednesday A's games we'll be discounting Sierra Nevada by $2 if you mention that you're here for the game. It ain't Dollar Wednesdays, but we do our best. $3 beer in NYC is a Coliseum-style deal, we think.
--If you come in on any A's game day and mention you're here for an A's game, we'll discount any beer you drink by $1. Because we like you.

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