Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Thirtnight of Fury Award

We're almost halfway done with the Thirtnight of Fury, and have had well over 30 different beers on tap now, which means that a few people have already completed the challenge, and many others are coming close. But for those of you who haven't started yet, or those who just haven't been able to spend much quality time here, we've decided to add a second, more modest award level. If you have just 15 different beers in June you’ll get $4 beer all night (and free stuff) on our July 9 Fortnight of Fury party. (Don't worry--those who drink 30 will still get the same $2 or $3 beers all night, plus an entry into the raffle for a fabulous $140 dinner for two at The Farm on Adderley and the $100 gift certificate to Bierkraft, among other things). So come in, get your sheet, and drink 15 beers over the next 16 days. It's not hard.

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