Monday, February 16, 2009

Star Trek pinball is coming!

The time is finally nigh, pinball fans: next week, we are going to Madison, Wisconsin in a Dodge Caravan we hereby dub "Enterprise" to get the highly-anticipated Star Trek: The Next Generation pinball machine, and physically bring Riker, Data, Picard, and the gang back with us (I hope Worf doesn't mind riding in the middle seat, chortle chortle). On Friday, February 27, we move the machine in and set it up. It should be operating by that Friday night. But our official pinball launch party will be on Monday, March 2. We'll have Star Trek episodes on our projection screen in back, and will be giving you a free play on the machine for every beer you buy (in addition to our usual Monday happy hour and frequent drinker specials). So mark your calendars and commence developing subtle, subtle wrists.

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