Monday, February 4, 2008

Final cheese lineup for beer and cheese night!

See below--this promises to be a great evening.

Nettle Meadow Kunik, goat, NY. Kunik is a triple creme goat's milk cheese with a bit of cow cream folded in at the end. The result is a pleasantly tangy and rich triple creme with subtle grassy notes.

Fiscalini Banage wrapped Cheddar, cow, California. Fiscalini is slightly nutty and sharp with notes of sweet cream and grass.

Tumalo Farms Classico, goat, Oregon. Classico is an aged goat gouda with toffee and grass notes.

Hooligan, cow, Connecticut. Hooligan comes from Cato Corner Farms. It is washed in brine which gives it a meaty aroma and flavor. Hooligan finishes with buttermilk and subtle raw cocoa notes.

Rogue River Blue, cow, Oregon. Rogue River is a really spectacular blue that is wrapped in Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon leaves that have been soaked in pear schnapps. It is sweet, fruity, slightly boozy and woody with a pleasant earthy undertone. It's everything one could want in a blue.

Tarentaise, cow, Vermont. Tarentaise is made by traditional methods by Thistle Hill Farm in North Pomfret, Vermont using organic farming practices. The cheese is based on a recipe for Beaufort, a French mountain cheese. The paste is tightly textured and chewy with nutty notes and a slight raw garlic and onion spice.

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