Friday, December 7, 2007

Tap/bottle update, December 7

Items of note: Sixpoint Brownstone returns to cask, Sixpoint Sweet Action returns to draft, and Jesus, we have a lot of serious winter beers on tap. They're definitely worth a try--come by and squash your seasonally affected blues. Or just have some Miller High Life, our most recent bottled addition, and cuddle your seasonally affected blues.

Beers on Tap

Anchor Christmas Ale (San Francisco, CA; $5/16 oz). 5.3%ABV.
Avery Salvation Ale (Boulder, CO; $6/12 oz). 9.0% ABV.
Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye (Healdsburg, CA; $5/16 oz). 8.0% ABV.
Captain Lawrence Smoked Porter (Pleasantville, NY; $5/16 oz). 7.4% ABV.
Great Divide Hibernation Ale (Denver, CO; $6/16 oz). 8.1 % ABV.
He’Brew Lenny Bruce R.I.P.A. (San Francisco, CA; $6/12 oz). 10.0% ABV.
Legacy Hedonism Ale (Reading, PA; $5/16 oz). 7.1%
Legacy Hoptimus Prime (Reading, PA; $6/16 oz). 9.0% ABV.
Middle Ages 12th Anniversary Imperial Porter (Syracuse, NY; $6/12 oz). 9.0% ABV.
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale (Chico, CA;$6/12 oz). 9.6% ABV.
Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale (Chico, CA; $5/16oz). 6.8% ABV.
Sixpoint Sweet Action (Brooklyn, NY; $5/16 oz). 5.2% ABV.
Southampton Double White (Southampton, NY; $6/16 oz). 6.8% ABV.
Stoudt’s Pils (Adamstown, PA; $5/16 oz). 4.7% ABV.
Victory Donnybrook (Downingtown, PA; $5/16 oz). 3.7% ABV.
Victory Hop Wallop (Downingtown, PA; $6/16 oz). 8.5% ABV.

Beers on Cask

Sixpoint Brownstone Ale (Brooklyn, NY; $5/16 oz). 5.7% ABV.

Bottled Beer

Bud Light (St. Louis, MO; $4/12 oz)
Miller High Life (Milwaukee, WI; $3/12oz)

Canned Beer

Schaefer (Milwaukee, WI; $3/12 oz)

Coming Up: Weyerbacher Double IPA, Victory Old Horizontal, Sixpoint Tripel, Chelsea Oatmeal Stout, Chelsea Pale Ale (cask), Lagunitas Imperial Red, Rogue Dead Guy Ale


Pantalones said...
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Pantalones said...

how much time do i have to try all these? :)
interesting. but i don't know where to start!?!