Saturday, June 16, 2007

Done! Ish!

Well, we're pretty much finished with the space. The furniture is in, everything looks like it's supposed to (except with the standard layer of construction dust), etc:

--We have a soda gun. I don't think I have to tell you how much fun that is.
--We have a credit card machine, so anyone who wants to donate money, just come on by and we'll swipe your card. Yes, we even take Discover.
--Our satellite TV is happening, so you can watch any baseball game you desire that doesn't involve New York or Boston sports teams.

And so on. It feels like we're decorating an apartment now, which is much better than when it felt like we were building one. Jon will take pictures soon, but I trust all of you will be by to see the space once we're open, which shouldn't be much more than a week. Isn't that grand? I consider it grand.

1 comment:

andi said...

i demand pictures, with speed! oh how i wish i were coming back to see the glory of pacific standard when i finish in 61 days. something about sudan... congrats guys!