Thursday, May 31, 2007

Plumbers are not incredibly fast.

This time, the delay in posting isn't due to frenzied activity, but merely the fact that not too much is going on at the space these days. It's comforting to know that almost all of the work is done, and that we just have small projects left, like the following ones, which we finished in the last few days:

--Completing our last table, our pet weathered wood one.
--Framing out our electric box.
--Buying a cash register.
--Mounting rope lights to make our skylight sparkle at night.

At the same time, it's frustrating to be nearly done but still un-open. That's because our plumber is still working in the space. He's almost finished, and at that point we can finally get our inspections, pull our license, and open for business.

Stay tuned for updates, especially about new employee hiring!

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