Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Another long-awaited update

The last few weeks have been the busiest yet--sorry I haven't posted about all the goings-on.

--Our carpenter has been in the space almost all the time, building out our bar. It's starting to look very real, with panelling on the sides and a beautiful top. We'll give you pictures as soon as we can. He's also built a bunch of tables out of old wood--we just need to add bases to them. And the back bar is really shaping up with shelving, etc.

--We've bought all our bar fixtures: a reach-in under-bar refrigerator, two under-bar sinks, and a cocktail station.
--We also bought all our furniture (26 chairs, 12 comfy backed bar stools for the bar, and 10 backless stools for the ledge area opposite the bar). All that is coming in about a week.

--We recently managed to frame out our two new pretty skylights.
--We put a coat of dirty yellow paint ("buttercup") on the ceiling in the front room, and a coat of dark blue ("aqua") paint on the walls. The ceiling may not need another coat, but the wall definitely will--the paint didn't go on evenly everywhere.

--HVAC is nearly done, and the electrician is finishing up as well, putting in the last of our outlets, our hanging antique light fixtures in the front room, and our bathroom fans. Our plumber should be coming by in the next few days to finish up bar plumbing.

--The robot has arrived, albeit in a semi-finished form. TellArt, our robot company, is still fine-tuning his drinking motion to minimize spillage.

--We had a fun party when a bunch of Californians and Rhode Islanders (Rhodesians?) were in town. Pictures in a separate post.
Wow, saying all that makes me feel like we're almost done. In actuality, it's hard to tell because there's such a carpentry mess everywhere. But we're at most three weeks away from completing renovation. Now if we could just get those pesky permits, licenses, and inspections.

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